Weekend Getaway: Lets Relax in Pondicherry, India!

Wake up in the morning, go to the office, come back home, eat, sleep, repeat and repeat… Ugh, this is our life! Undoubtedly, we have to live this life to fulfill our needs. But do not let the job to control your life. Keep in mind that you are not a machine to living a restless life. In order to get relief from your busy schedule pick up some nearby places as your weekend getaway.

There are a variety of places like hills, beaches, forest available around Bangalore for a weekend escape. My husband and I travel some places when we get a long weekend. Recently, we got a long weekend including Friday in the month of March due to Holi festival 2018. My husband and I visited Pondicherry for 2 nights and 1 day during the Holi vacation. The road distance between Bangalore to Puducherry is around 323 km.

How Did We Reach Pondicherry

Pondicherry was an unplanned trip. Since uncertain Holi festival’s holiday, could not make the plan earlier. As soon as got the holiday, we booked KSRTC Airavat bus for Pondicherry and started our journey on 2nd March Friday. Our bus was supposed to be started at 9.40am, but it started around 10.20am. And we reached Pondicherry at 5.40pm. The bus was scheduled for two stops throughout the journey so that people can get off the bus and have a break.

Where Did We Stay In Pondicherry

We booked hotel Sun Park through Cleartrip.com. This hotel is situated in the main center point of the city. Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Sea beach, ancient monument churches famous, Manakula Vinayagar temples are in the vicinity. I must say that Pondicherry is such a peaceful. clean and greenery place in South India. And this place is quite popular for its beaches.

What Did We Do In Pondicherry

As we reached Pondicherry from Bengaluru in the evening 5.40pm, we could go only for a walk around the city on the first day. Pondicherry can give you a European feel with its wonderful heritage buildings. Rock beach is family friendly and clean beach where you can do relax on the shore. There is a plenty of cafe and hotels available on the beach. Walking down on Rock beach is absolutely mesmerizing. We spent a quality time with water crashing the rocky beach. I just loved the feeling of fresh air and wind blowing.

Actually, we did not want to cover the entire city restlessly. So, my partner and I decided to step down only nearby places of the city. Hence, we visited only Aurobindo  Ashram, Arulmigu Manakula Vinayagar Temple near to the Ashram, Auroville Matri Mandir and Serenity beach on the second day of our trip. Aurobindo  Ashram and Arulmigu Manakula Vinayagar Temple are close to the hotel Sun Park.

Auroville Matrimandir is situated 15km away from the city, so we took an auto to come and go at Rs500. We visited Serenity beach on the return way from Matrimandir. Serenity beach is a perfect place enjoy sea, sand, and sun. Moreover, we witnessed the amazing view of Sunrise on the third day early morning on the Rock beach.

This is our 2 nights and 1-day experiences in Pondicherry. We returned on the third day morning at 10 am by Airvat KSRTC.

Shopping and Food in Pondicherry

Oh, how can I forget the tea in Pondicherry? We had not had any tea in any luxurious hotels. We experienced the tea at some street tea shops of the city. Literally, the tea was really awesome at Rs10. There are several roadside shops for clothing where you can buy from skirts, tops, shorts and more at a cheaper rate. If it is about food, there are plenty of restaurants, hotels, and pub available in the city where you can experience yummy food. Lastly, do not forget to try Bakery items when you visit Pondicherry.

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