Smartphone, Social Media, Selfie & Your Kids

Smartphone, Social Media, Selfie & Your Kids

Smartphones, social media & selfie have become a huge part of modern India. This is the age of the selfie and seeing kids are more active in taking Selfie in different poses and posting it on social media than their parents. Even more, I come across several families who have given a smartphone to their children without any fear. And children are not more than 8 to 10 years of age. Most of them are expertly using social media like Facebook, Whats App, Instagram etc. Everywhere you go, you can see kids obsessively taking the selfie and checking social media.

I am just wondered to see the parents how they are not worried about their children. Nowadays kids play with the machine instead of kids’ toys. After seeing these things always a question raises in my mind that is this a way of bringing up a today’s child?

Yes, I accept it that smartphones have become the most important piece of the digital era. But it does not mean that you should hand it to your kids. Taking occasion selfie is not a bad thing, but becomes addicted to a smartphone, selfie and social media can harmful for your child. So, we should run a social media selfie awareness campaign in our society so that parents become aware of it. Let’s have a look at the negative impact of the selfie and social media on your children.

Negative Impact of Smartphone, Selfie & Social Media

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Cyber Bullying

Cyberbullying is increasing day by day which is done especially by children. Cyberbullying includes harassing or threatening someone by using cell phones, e-mail, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. Moreover, playing a video which is quite popular among children is another place where cyberbullying may occur. Cyberbullying can happen at any time, anywhere in different ways. So, before something goes wrong, keep your children away from smartphones and social media.

Addiction To Social Media

The common negative impact of social media is the addiction. Children get addicted to social media by posting the selfie, status consistently on social media. ‘Like’ and ‘comments’ are the main factor which can lead to compulsive social media feeds. Even more, this social media selfie addiction can lead to kids to do dangerous things which can make them ‘cool’. They do not get scared to take a risky selfie like a selfie with the wild animal, weapon or standing in a danger zone. There are so many incidents related to selfie come in news daily.

Development of Poor Self-Esteem

Consistently taking selfies and posting them on social media can lead to the development of self-esteem. Taking a perfect selfie and getting lots of appreciation from Facebook’s friends can increase a feeling of online reputation. When they do not get much attention as they expect, they may go into anxiety. Moreover, it makes kids self-centered. Some challenges and competitions among the kids who can upload perfect pictures and who can get more likes, comments etc. So, keep your eyes on your kids while they are busy with the smartphone.

Less Sleep & Mental Health Problems

We should get a proper sound sleep every day. If the kids get obsessed with a smartphone it may disrupt their sleeping time. Using smartphone in the bedroom can bring out less sleep, later bedtime and more tiredness. Moreover, engaging often on the smartphone can effect on their mental health for which they cannot focus on real-time issues.

Relationship Value

We often hear that today’s children do not know the importance of a relationship. How can they understand the value of a relationship if they spend most of the time with a machine? More attachment with a smartphone can ruin the bonding between parents and children. Even more, they can find smartphone is more convenient than a person. So as a parent you must be concern about it.

Above all else, there are so many negative impacts of smartphones, social media, and selfies on your children. So be careful and instruct your child about the usage of smartphones. Do not give the smartphone to your child unless and until it is required. They have the whole life to play with that. The most important thing is that teach your child to make a friendship with a person, not with a machine. For that, you have to spend your time with your children and teach the importance of relationship in a life. Moreover, let your child play outdoors with their friends. Get some story and coloring books for your kids instead of a smartphone. Make your kid’s childhood memorable by spending time with them.

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