In Law Relationships : Tips to Maintain A Good Relationship With Mother-In-Law

In Law Relationships : Tips to Maintain A Good Relationship With Mother-In-Law

Married life does not remain amazing when you do not take care of the relationship. Marriage relationship does not mean that you are in a relationship with your husband only. You have to maintain a healthy relationship with all members of in-laws. To be honest, building a good relationship with your in-laws is a foundation of your marriage life. If the foundation is strong, you do not worry about your married life.

Most of us do not try to understand the relationship between mother in law and daughter in law. We want only the boy of MIL. Being a daughter in law you must take care of all members of his family. Especially you need to take care of your mother-in-law. Because people often crack some jokes between mother and daughter in law who treat each other like an enemy. And even all daily soaps come with a fight between MIL and DIL. In reality, the relationship is not like that. From my personal experience, I must say you that if you know some tips and tricks you can make the relationship better between you and your mother in law.

relationship between mother in law and daughter in law

Tips to Improve Relationship Between DIL & MIL


A smile is one of the best makeups for every girl. There is a trust that a smile leads to bring happiness, joy and relaxing mood to anyone. It’s true that it is not possible to smile when we are upset r sad. But it does not matter smile is real or fake, just try to handle everything wearing a beautiful smile. A smile does not only help to make feel happy but also it helps build a good relationship.

Be Polite

One more advice to you that remail polite with her, no matter how the situation is. Sometimes she may ask you something that you do not like or you cannot even tolerate. Try to ignore it and stay polite. When you remain polite, the situation remains cool. And even in the relationship between you and your mother in law. Moreover, show respect to her as she has more experience in driving a relationship. If you want respect from others you need to respect thers tooo.

Treat Her As Your Mother is

How do you treat your mother in law is one of the most important things in this relationship. Show loves and affections towards your mother in law how you treat your mother as well. If you do that, she also treats you as a daughter indeed. When we start behaving each other like mother and daughter, the problems will be reduced.

Try to Understand Her

A relationship between two people depends on how much you both know each other. In the case of a mother in law try to get her to know. Do not spend time only with your hubby dear come closer to your mother in law as well. Spend some quality time with her and understand her interest, hobby and more. Eventually, these things help you both to know each other.

Get Gift For Her

When you know what your mother in law loves it is not difficult to buy a gift for her. Even more, a gift can make happy anyone. If it is about the gift from DIL to her MIL, of course, it’s a sign of good. Gifts can be anything you can gift her from clothing to shoes, jewelry and more. Otherwise, you can take her out to watch a movie in the theatre, to have lunch or dinner outside, shopping etc. It helps to make the bond strong.

Remember the Special Day

Last but not least, remember the special day like birthday, wedding anniversary and more and celebrate them. Celebrating a special occasion does work in making a healthy relationship between you.

Above all else, I would like to suggest you guys not to listen to other people who do not think well. Even more, avoid watching daily soap which can make your mind evil against MIL by showing some unuseful contents. At last, I want to say you that no one is perfect in the world, you just need to know the tricks to live perfectly with imperfect people.

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