Priyanka Chopra’s First Assamese Film Production Bhoga Khirikee (Broken Window)

The global icon, brand Ambassador of Assam tourism Priyanka Chopra and her mother Madhu Chopra is all set to produce first Assamese movie Bhoga Khirikee (Broken Window). The movie has been directed and written by the well-known director and filmmaker of Assam Jahnu Barua who has returned to the film industry after four years lapse. Bhoga Khirikee is expected to be released in December 2018. Bhoga Khirikee starring Zerifa Wahid, Seema Biswas, Sanjay Kharghoria, Kashvi Sharma and Mohammad Ali Shah as lead actors.

Production House Of Bhoga Khirikee

It is a great news for Assam that two Mumbai based company Priyanka’s production house Purple Pebbles Pictures and Easterly Entertainment has taken an appreciable step towards the Assamese Film industry by making Bhoga Khirikee. The budget of the movie is close to Rs 3.5 crore which will be released in nationally and internationally. The Assamese movie would be Hindi dubbed and followed by English sub-titled version before its national and international release.

About Bhoga Khirikee

As we said Bhoga Khirikee which refers to ‘Broken Window’ in English. Bhoga Khirikee is a female perspective Assamese cinema. The story of the movie is based on the real-life experiences of a village in upper Assam whose life is in turmoil due to the ideological clash among the three men in her life – her father, her husband and a stranger.

The script is written by Jahnu Barua. Priyanka Chopra is a huge fan of Jahnu Barua who directed so many national awards-winning Assamese cinema. It is a good initiative ahead towards Assamese Film industry which is supported by Assam Government as well.

After a hugely successful debut in 2016 with the National award winning Ventilator, the production house Purple Pebbles Pictures has produced Ventilator’, ‘Pahuna’ and ‘Sarvann’ in Marathi, Sikkimese Nepali, and Punjabi language respectively. Bhoga Khirikee is the fourth number that is in the Assamese language of this production house. Moreover, this production house is managed by Priyanka Chopra’s beloved mother Madhu Chopra.

Watch Priyanka Chopra’s message on her first Assamese film production Bhoga Khirikee.


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