How Do Pink Tabebuia Trees Paint Bangalore in March!

Have you ever been to Bangalore? No! Well, make a plan to visit Bengaluru in the month of March. You might be wondering why I am calling you, especially in March. A Bangalorean may understand that what I am going to write in this post. If you are not a Bangalorean go through the post. We all know Bangalore is called ‘Garden city of India’ for its greenery. And Bengaluru becomes pink from December to March when Pink Tabebuia trees start blooming.

How Bengaluru Looks Like During Dec-March

Literally, Bengaluru looks more pretty during these days from December to March. These Tabebuia trees paint the entire town in pink. When I saw first time these Pink Tabebuia trees of Bengaluru in winter, I just fell in love with the city. At that moment I realized how much a tree can add to the beauty of a place. It seems like someone spreads the baby pink color all over the city. When I see these pink trees under the blue sky, it feels like my heart is going to burst with joy.

Many of Bangalore’s sidewalks are lined with Pink Tabebuia trees. You stand under a tree once, you will be covered with the falling blossoms. Even more, it covers everything from parked cars to nariyal pani stands and vegetable stalls. It seems like the sidewalk is carpeted with soft pink flowers. One of the amazing facts of Pink Tabebuia tree is that tree turns leafless when the bloom appears. These trees do not bear ant edible fruits for which they cannot attract any birds, but honey bees love them for their flowers.

What Is Tabebuia Tree?

Pink Tabebuia tree is also known as Pink Poui tree, Pink Tecoma, Rosy trumpet tree. Trumpet Tree is one of the most beautiful trees in flower in the world. These trees start blooming in winter with three different colors- a very deep pink (magenta), bright yellow and the soft pink. Pink Trumpet flower tree or Tabebuia Rosea is a national tree of El Salvador that is one of the exotic flowering trees in Bangalore.

Thus Pink Tabebuia tree paints Bangalore beautifully with its lovely color in winter.


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