Packing Hacks For Couples While Travelling To Assam

Being an Assamese it always makes me happy when someone expresses interests for Assam. Most of the couples ask me which place should they visit, when to visit Assam, what to carry while traveling to Assam etc. I feel proud to explain it and suggest them as much as I can. One day my husband told me why should not I write a blog on packing hacks for the couples while visiting Assam. Not a bad idea! I have decided to give a hint about it and collected some must carry items for a couple during Assam visit.

Here are some essential things to pack for traveling:

Packing List For Couples

Medicine: Medicine is one of the most important things to carry while traveling. You must pack a good first aid kit along with some medicines for fever, stomach upset, cough and cold etc. You never can predict when, where, how you may fall into ill.

Umbrella: Although there is a heavy rainfall in Assam during monsoon season still must carry an umbrella with you. Surely, you can get the umbrella anywhere else in Assam, but prevention is better than cure.

Dry Bag: I have mentioned before that rainfall is unpredictable in Assam. So, carry some dry bags with you so that you can save your camera, mobile, laptops from wet. Dry bags are convenient to storing essential items while traveling.

Headlamps: Do not forget to carry headlamps for both of you. The headlamp is far better than hand-held flashlights which can make your hand free. It may seem like an unnecessary product but it can help you in many cases from reading books,  running/walking in the evening, etc. There are different types of headlamps available on Amazon India.

Electronics: When it comes to electronic things, pack only necessary product. You can share some things between both of you such as laptops, camera, and a charger plug with dual cameras etc.

Above all else, there are so many things you should know before visiting Assam. If you visit Assam during winter, must carry jackets, sweater, and muffler. When you visit Assam during summer do not forget to get more innerwear and rubber shoes. The rubber shoes are suitable for muds and rain. You can buy rubber shoes for men as well as women on Amazon India.

However, travelers carry all essential documents with them, most of the married couples forget to bring marriage certificate. Even we sometimes do the same. But never ever do that, before stepping out from your home make sure your marriage certificate is there with you.


Happy Journey!

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