Let’s Celebrate Father’s Day 2018 In Unique Way

Of course, we do not need an extra day to show our love and affection to our parents. Being children, we should make them feel special every day. But in every case time does matter. We may not celebrate every day as a special day due to the busy schedule. So we get a special day for whether it is a special person or a reason to make our loved one feel special. A special day means a lot and it can give us the opportunity to keep some lovely memories with us for the lifetime. Father’s day is close to us. Spend your valuable time with your father and make him feel special on his day.

Father’s day is celebrated in third Sunday of the June in India. So, the special day falls on 17th June in 2018.

How Can You Celebrate Father’s Day?

You can celebrate the father’s day in many ways. I have collected some unique ideas for you which can definitely make your dad feel special.

Spend Time Together On Father’s Day

Time is one of the most valuable gifts for anyone in this busy era. Could you remember when did you spend a quality time with your family together? No right? Nowadays you can get to buy anything except time. No matter how rich you are, but you can never buy a time. So, spend a quality time with your father on this special occasion, it can be a great gift for him. You can spend the time with your dad in a different way such as

  • Take him out and go for a long drive
  • If you are too busy, go out for a dinner and spend time
  • Go for a picnic
  • Go for a walk and share stories and dreams together
  • Surprise him with a weekend gateway
Get A Gift For Your Father

Father's day gift

Express your love to your dad giving a unique gift to him on Father’s day. There are so many online stores available where you can get varieties of customized gifts which are made as father’s day special. Get a variety of fabulous gifts such as father’s day greetings card, gift hamper, father’s day special cake, father’s day mug, father’s day photo frame, father’s day home decor gift and more. Moreover, you can get shirts, t-shirts, shoes at a reasonable price at online stores like Amazon.in etc.

In addition to these, fitness band or a smartwatch can be the best gift for a fitness lover. Get him a laptop, tablets or mobile phone if he is into it. Figure out which is useful for your father and buy it at your budget price.

Prepare a Food For Your Father

You can make your father’s day more special by preparing a fantastic dish for him. No matter how good a cook you are, try to cook something for him. Do not need to cook a luxurious dish. Make an easy recipe, cook it and enjoy it together with your father. I assure you that preparing a food yourself for your father is pretty good idea to make him special.

Write Something For Your Father

As I mentioned above father’s day greetings card, you can make it yourself by writing something special for him. Father’s day is an opportunity to appreciate him and make him special. So try to make a greeting card in a creative way and write just a few words for your dad. This word can make his day memorable for lifelong.

Above all else, there are so many different ways we can celebrate the father’s day and make our fathers proud.


Happy Father’s Day!


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