Kaziranga Jeep Safari – Awesome Assam

Kaziranga Jeep Safari – Awesome Assam

My friends and colleagues often ask me about the Kaziranga national park and jeep, elephants safari. Though I love bringing my native into the limelight, I could not answer about Jeep safari of Kaziranga properly being inexperienced. So I planned to visit Kaziranga national park by any means during my Assam visit. And the good news is that I have done that.

Kaziranga Jeep Safari

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Kaziranga national park is 90km far away from my place and normally it takes one and half hour to reach. So we started our journey at 7.30 am and we reached there at 9 am. Before visiting the park, I researched about Jeep and elephant safari over the internet. There are some websites where you can reserve jeep for safari online. There are four ranges for jeep safari in Kaziranga. We booked the jeep on the spot from Kohora range. Before writing about my experience I have given the jeep safari’s details below,

Our Jeep Safari Details

Jeep Safari Price – Rs 2500 + Rs150 guide fee = Total Rs 2650.

Time – 2 hours (Time 9.30 to 11.30)

Range – Kaziranga range, Kohora

Safari Routes – Mihimukh-Kathpora-Daphlang-Diffolu River Bank-Mona Beel-Karasing & back


After seeing the beauty of Kaziranga, I realized that why had not I experienced it earlier. So I am inviting all nature lover to visit Kaziranga national park soon. We all know Kaziranga national park is known for one-horned rhino. Apart from rhinos, there are different types of animals, varieties of birds and more. We spotted one-horned rhino and its calf, elephant, buffalo, wild dog, a group of deer, monkeys, different types of birds such as owls, kingfishers, water birds, darters, vultures, eagle and more. Moreover, Kaziranga national park is encompassed by three major types of grass such as tall elephant grass and short grasses as well along with tropical wet and semi-evergreen forests. Elephant grass covers the major part of the land. These grasslands add extra charm to the park.

We have noticed some aquatic flora includes lotus, water lilies, and water hyacinth. I must admit that flora gives another beauty of the atmosphere. There are so many known unknown tall trees and climbing plants in the park. Naturally, it was a wonderful experience. Sitting backside in the open jeep and exploring the park for 2 hours was really unforgettable. And the big thing is that you can witness the natural habit of wild animals which cannot be seen in a zoo. Keep in mind that there are more chances to spot animals either during early morning or evening time like 3pm-4pm. If you want to witness the animals from very close, go for elephant safari. It charges Rs1000 per person and one elephant carries four people in one trip.

When To Visit Kaziranga National Park

The most important thing in visiting Kaziranga is the time. You should know the best time to visit the park Otherwise you may not experience Jeep and elephant safari and may not able to witness animals and birds. Although it has three seasons of summer, monsoon, and winter, the best time is winter. All of these three seasons, summer and monsoon are not suitable in visiting the park due to hot, humid and rainfall. So better come in between November and April and enjoy all safaris. I must say you heart the forest once you visit.

Once you visit Assam, it stays with you forever!

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