Kashmir Paradise on Earth – Day 2 Pahalgam

So this is my second trip to one more beautiful place Pahalgam. The distance between Srinagar and Pahalgam is 90km and it took us almost 2hrs to reach Pahalgam. One thing I forgot to mention in my previous blog Day 1 trip Gulmarg that Kashmir is safe for tourist. The roads are very neat and clean and it was a wonderful drive for us.

There were so many Apple gardens on the way to Pahalgam. How can I explain the beauty of those gardens? Green trees with red fruits. It was really amazing. And it is true that for the first time I got to see real Apple trees. Those trees mad me crazy. We entered into a garden where three-four people were working over there. If somebody was plucking apple and somebody was collecting them. I took so many photos of the garden. After spending 20mins in a garden started towards Pahalgam. I forgot to ask the place of Apple gardens. From that place to Pahalgam it was around 40mins drive. The way between that place to our destination is truly awesome. That road had a scenic beauty with beautiful valley and big mountain. A soft and gentle sound came from a river that felt like water is playing with rocks. After reached Pahalgam first thing we had done that we had a good and heavy breakfast. I will write later where we had done breakfast.

What have We done?

After breakfast, we started to see sightseeing at Pahalgam. Our driver dropped us off one place where it was same beautiful scenery what we got on the way. Actually, there are several places to visit in Pahalgam, but our driver was not that familiar with the place. So we did not get any idea what to do. So we saw a garden near the street and went there. The entry fee of the garden is Rs 20 per person. We spent a little time there and came back to our car. Our driver took us to another place where we met some pony owners. They told us to take pony ride to visit Kashmiri Valley and mini Switzerland. But we did not want to take pony ride again. So we ignored them and came to an Army camp to ask about the place. They told us that there are so many sightseeing for which we need to rent a car from Pahalgam car stand. Outer tourist vehicles are not allowed to visit Pahalgam sightseeing because of Pahalgam car union policy. So we came to car stand took a car to three places at Rs 1500. There is a fixed price, no bargain with them.

Aru Valley

Our driver took us to Aru valley first. A must visit and picture perfect place in Pahalgam. 12km away from the town of Pahalgam, it was mostly 30mins journey to Aru Valley. A breathtaking beauty between the way Pahalgam and Aru Valley. The place is surrounded by meadows, peaks, a whisper of pine and valley and a clear blue canopy over the head. You will also get pony riders at Aru Valley. They will offer you to take a pony ride to the peak. But ignore them if you can go on the top of the hill by yourself. It is a beautiful place to relax and spend a good time at the top of the hill. There are some shops where you can get to buy clothes, show pieces etc. I cannot say about their prices because I did not try there. We saw some beautiful hotels near Aru valley but do not have an idea about the hotel cost. Because we were determined that we will come back to Srinagar.


We went to Chandanwari from Aru Valley which is situated a distance of 16km away from the town of Pahalgam. Chandanwari is famous for Amarnath Yatra which begins by the end of June or July and continues until the end of August. The distance between Amarnath and Chandanwari is 32km. You can even get horses and local guides to Amarnath tour which charge around Rs 8000 per person, but it is negotiable. It depends on demand. The way to Chandanwari from Pahalgam is undoubtedly beautiful. Both sides of the road have many waterfalls and Lidder river flows from Chandanwari towards Pahalgam. Chandanwari is colder than Pahalgam due to its height. There is small market near Chandanwari where you can get all things including medicines.

Betaab Valley

After that, we visited Betab Valley which is located on the way to Chandanwari. This place got the name from the Bollywood movie ‘Betab’ that was shot there. Betaab valley is one of the perfect places of mother nature where you can enjoy heavenly pleasure.


Now it is time for food. A good food is a good mood. So I have to say where you can find a good food. Although I am fully nonvegetarian, I experienced veg foods in Kashmir. We experienced good food at Pahalgam. There are several restaurants out there in Pahalgam. Most of them are vegetarian restaurants. Our driver took us to a restaurant ‘Dana Pani’ which is on the main street. You can find good food at a reasonable price at ‘Dana Pani’. We had breakfast and lunch there.

Breakfast: 2 Aloo Paratha, 1 lassi, 1 mineral water bottle at Rs 195

Lunch: We took 2 veg thalis ?(forgot the name of thali) at Rs 460.

A clean and good restaurant with friendly staff and their excellent services. I must say we had had a good experience at ‘Dana Pani’.


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