Why Do We Apply Jetuka (Mehendi) In Bohag Bihu

Firstly, I am wishing a very happy Bohag or Rongali Bihu to all of you. 

Bihu is the heart of Assamese culture and indeed an identity of Assam. There are three Bihu: Bhogali or Magh Bihu, Rongali or Bohag Bihu and Kongali or Kati Bihu. We all Assamese people celebrate Bihu with a great enthusiasm. Rongali Bihu which makes Assamese new year is one of the major festivals in Assam. Literally, Bohag Bihu is a symbol of joy.

The rhythm of Dhol, Cuckoos melodious voice notify us that Rongali Bihu is around the corner. There are so many rituals which are celebrated in Bohag Bihu. Amongst all of them, Jetuka or organic Mehendi plays an important role in Bohag Bihu. Assamese women apply the organic Mehendi on their palms and feet on the eve of Rongali Bihu. Jetuka or organic Mehendi signifies the beauty and festivity. Jetuka or Mehendi is widely found in Assam. We apply Jetuka on our palms with a different design. Jetuka brings a unique color to life as it’s an emblem of womanhood

Bohag Bihu always reminds my childhood how I used to keep the Jetuka paste on my palms to get more color for the entire night. Although I did not know about the scientific reason of applying Jetuka during childhood, now I can understand the value of Jetuka. I had done a bit research on it and found some scientific reasons behind applying Jetuka in Bohag Bihu.

Why Do We Apply Jetuka In Bohag Bihu?

Applying Jetuka is one of the major rituals on the eve of Bohag Bihu. Apart from its unique color, Jetuka has some medicinal benefits. Moreover, applying Jetuka is a part of the pre-wedding ceremony.  Let’s have a look at why do we apply Jetuka in Bohag Bihu

  • Firstly, Jetuka or organic Mehendi keeps all types of skin disease away from us for the coming year. It can protect the skin from infections and eliminate inflammation. Moreover, Jetuka can reduce high blood pressure when it is applied to feet and palms.
  • The most neglecting part of our body is our nails. We often forget to take care of our nails, for which bacteria can infect our nails. So, we should apply Jetuka paste on our nails to get rid of the bacterial infections.
  • Organic Mehendi can protect you from prickly heat. During summer we often suffer from pains and irritation of prickly heat. Applying Jetuka can be a great medicine for treating prickly heat.
  • If you are suffering from feet burning sensation and sweaty hands, Jetuka can help you to get rid of the problems.

Above all else, many of us use Mehendi or Henna to get a healthy hair. Jetuka or Mehendi helps to protect hair from some common problems such as hair fall, dandruff,  premature greying hair, and more.

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