My Bad, I Haven’t Found These Bridal Bangles Set During My Wedding

The set of Bangles is not only a fashion jewellery, it is considered the auspicious ornaments for India married women. Wearing bangles signify her transition from a naive girl to a responsible woman. Yes, every community in the different region of India believes separate significance in wearing bangles. But truth is that wearing bangles is a part of Indian tradition and culture for a married woman unlike Sindoor, Bindi etc. And if it is about the wedding there are different types of traditional bridal bangles from different state. Each state has its own tradition and ritual associated with bangles. So, every different bride such as Maharashtrian bride, Sikh bride, Bengali bride, Gujrati bride, Malayali bride, Marwadi bride, Rajasthani bride etc. wear their traditional bangles during the wedding. Moreover, there is a plenty of different types of bangles available which can be worn along with traditional bridal bangles at the wedding. But my bad was that I did not get the idea of such bridal set before my wedding.

I have collected different types of gorgeous bridal bangles which can be worn by every Indian bride.

Bridal Bangles in Platinum

Nowadays brides become more stylish and fashionable who love to try new ornaments from head to toe in their D-day. Platinum bangles are one of the gorgeous bangles which have been newly added to the bride’s favorite list. It can enhance the enhance the beauty and add more charm to a bride. You can get varieties design of bangles in Platinum along with Necklace set and earrings. Yes, it is a bit costlier than others. You can buy Platinum bangles offline as well as online stores like CARATLANE.

Crystal Bridal Bangles Set

Crystal bangles are one of the most popular bangles on the market. Anyone can wear it and even more, it is not that costlier than other bangles. The wide range of designs and styles are available in crystal bangles which can be matched with any color bridal dress.

Gold Bridal Bangles

Woman’s Love for Gold is irreplaceable. Gold jewellery always remains on the top of the list. And when it comes to a bride no look is complete without wearing Gold jewellery. Even more, when a bride wears full hand bangles set in Gold, she looks more stunning on her wedding day. There is a vast collection of Gold bangles available online stores like ORRA, MALABAR as well as offline where you can choose yours.

Fancy Bangles Set

It is looking more attractive when a bride wears some fancy type of bangles along with precious metal bangles. Some of the brides prefer to look unique and stylish, so they can wear these kinds of bangles as well as their traditional bridal set. Fancy bridal sets are cheaper than other and they can be purchased any jewellery shop and online sites like Amazon India, Flipkart etc.

Kundan & Meena Bangles Set

Kundan means ‘Pure Gold’ which is one of the oldest and traditional forms of jewellery making. Though Kundan and Meena jewellery were most popular during the Mughal era, most of the modern brides want to get a royal look in their big day by wearing this type of jewellery. Kundan-Meena jewelry of India has a growing demand the world over.

Above all else, there are so many bridal bangles set available on the market including traditional bangles which are beautiful, elegance and superb.


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