Do Not Get Married For Some Unhealthy Reasons

Do Not Get Married For Some Unhealthy Reasons

Getting married is one of the risky decisions in life. A relationship is not like drinking water while eating rice. So, whether it is love or arrange marriage but the choice is yours. After all, you are only going to live life with a person forever none other else. So think twice and take a wise step before getting married. If you get married some unhealthy reasons, it may harm you and your partner’s life too.

So before you get married ask yourself why are you going to get married. If you are getting married to please others or get rid of aunty’s question, then do not do that. It may ruin your happiness. There are some unhealthy reasons why people get married without thinking twice.

Unhealthy Reasons For Getting Married

Because You Have Finished Your College

One of the common beliefs in our Indian family is that a girl or a boy is ready to get married as soon as complete college life. This theory is basically applicable to a girl’s life. As soon as she finishes her college life the family starts finding an eligible guy for her. Sometimes what happens is the girl acknowledges the family’s proposal despite having lots of objections in her mind. So be careful, do not fall in that situation. Try to raise your voice against that and give a strong reason why you are not ready to get married right now.

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Because Your Friends Do That

We often hear that your all friends got married only you the only one who is still unmarried. And even your family asks your friends to force you to get married. Always keep in mind that it is not right to take any decision under pressure. Take your time and figure out the reason for getting married.

Social Condition

There are some social customs and beliefs that after getting the job you should settle down by getting married. Our society believes that a person can be called ‘settled’ after marriage. They do not think whether you are ready or not for such a big commitment. I am not against society’s decision. But before making any decision, it is better to listen to yourself.

To Get A Company

It’s true that when you get older, you become lonely. It usually happens after getting a job. Because your friends are also settling down in different places. So there is no way to meet or talk every day. In this case, you may feel about someone who can accompany you every time. Yes, marriage is a great way to find companionship. But before finding someone for your life think twice so that you do not need to regret.

To Make Aunties Happy

We all know about our Indian society especially aunties who try to find an issue to gossip. A marriage eligible boy or girl can understand our aunties well. So do not get married to make our aunties.

It’s your life. If you are in a relationship you have to maintain it well. Other people forget you after the wedding party. But you have to be there with your partner. If you are not really ready to get married, do not do that under pressure. So think twice and get a healthy reason to be married.

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