Couple Goals : Tips to Live Frugally & Happily After Marriage

Couple Goals : Tips to Live Frugally & Happily After Marriage

Do not ever think that living a frugal life can break your happily living life. Being frugal does not mean that you have to sacrifice things that you love. No matter how much you guys earn in a month. After marriage, there are some situations come up which teach you to be frugal.  So why are you waiting to learn from the situation? I suggest you be frugal from the beginning of your marriage life. So that you do not need to be compromised with that you love.

I started this content by sharing my personal experiences. Although we both are working we faced some critical conditions while thinking of buying a 2BHK flat. At that moment I realized that we never faced this situation if we would have lived a frugal life from the beginning. So guys prevention is better than cure. I have brought you some tips to live frugally and happily with your partner.

Frugal Living

Save Money on Food

Yes, you can save a big portion of your money on food. Wait wait! I am not saying that save money by keeping fast. I mean to say avoid having in the restaurant and make a habit to eat at home. Someone may ask what about the party? Yeah, you can party at your home. It is not a big deal. And even when you start eating outside, it becomes a habit for you unknowingly. How your hard earned will be spent in a second you never can guess. So better learn to cook and save your money on food.


We Indian never think twice when our favorite star’s movie is released. We always try to watch first-day first show in a theatre. No matter how much you love your star no one offers the movie at free of cost. So, do not go on Friday, Saturday, and Saturday. Wait till weekdays when you can get the tickets at half price.

Save on Transportation

You can save money on transportation and live frugally. As much as you can try to use public transport of bus, metro, trains and ‘local’ fixed rate of 3 wheelers. If you guys are users of Ola, Uber, go for share option which can help you to save half. And even you can book share cab 1+1 which helps save money of your partner. Because you need to pay very less amount for your partner than a single cab. Another best option is that you can use a bicycle for roaming around your place. Nowadays so many rents bicycle companies out there where you can book a bicycle online at a reasonable rate.


I can understand the difference between the bachelor life and married life. You need to buy some extra things from kitchen appliances to home appliances after marriage. But before buying these things make sure the importance of the things. Moreover, I suggest you not to buy unnecessary furniture. You can get it on rent at a reasonable rate. Suppose someone is coming to your home for a few days and you do not have extra beds and chairs. Do not worry search online and get the furniture on rent for those days only without spending a huge amount.

save money live frugal life

Save on House Rent

Do not spend money on renting a big house. Think big and stay at a small house Most of Indians rent a big house after marriage. Do not do that. A big house means big rent. 1bhk house is good enough for two people.

Save on Travel

I am not saying you to stop traveling for saving money. But you can travel at a low cost if you know the tricks. Stay at a low hotel and do not spend on shopping while traveling.

Cut Money on Festivals

We all know India is a festival rich country. There are 13 festivals in 12 months. So what? No one orders you to celebrate all festivals with great fanfare. Go and meet friends and family in a festival, that’s pretty enough.

Above all else, there are so many things where can save money and live frugally and happily. If you are living a frugal life, it helps in your future. I must say you that living frugally does not harm your relationship. Even it teaches both of you to make a positive relationship.


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