Why Should Book Lovers Have Kindle E-Reader?

Firstly I must say Kindle is a lifetime companion for a book lover. No matter how much you love your collection, you cannot carry all the books together along with you. And a book addict cannot live even a single day without a book. In that case, Kindle would be a great device that can provide a comfortable reading experience. Of course, a traditional book lover will not be comfortable to embrace Kindle initially(Who cannot forget the smell of a new book, the sound of the pages when you turn them?). If you can let go of these emotions, Amazon Kindle is the most convenient way to read a book. Moreover, you can even store thousands of e-books. It took me some time to appreciate this wonder device called Kindle. As I started using it, I started appreciating its features more and more. Now I am pretty much happy using Amazon Kindle.

What is Kindle?

Kindle is a lightweight portable electronic device for reading a book. Kindle was released in the US in 2007 by Amazon.com. Although Amazon Kindle looks like iPad, Tablet, you can avoid such irritating things SMS, mail while reading the book. Kindle can give you a full of satisfaction on reading book. Even more, you can get page turning function so you feel as if you’re reading a real book. The price of Amazon Kindle is from Rs6k to Rs21k in Amazon India.

Why Should Book Lovers Have Kindle E-Reader?

There are so many reasons why should a book lover have a Kindle. Let’s have a look:

  • First and foremost, carrying Kindle along with you is like carrying a mobile phone or laptop. Literally, all books in the one place. Store your favorite books as much as you can and read anywhere else. It is far more convenient than paper books. Your entire library is available wherever you go out.


  • Secondly, there is a huge price difference between Kindle e-books and paperback and hardcover editions. You might think about the cost of buying Kindle. I will talk about it later. But I have to say a true book lover never can stop from buying a book. So, having Kindle would be a lifetime investment where you can either download some books free of cost or buy at a cheaper rate.


  • You can read a book even in bright sunshine on Amazon Kindle with no glare due to having the special high-contrast screen. Moreover, you can adjust the display, text size and font as you wish. If it is about the battery life of at least a month if wifi is turned off.


  • You never can miss deals and offers on e-books, if you have Amazon Kindle. Amazon provides some promotional deals where you can get the free download offer of selective books. So, do not forget the check the free section for Kindle on regular basis.


  • Do not be worried about your eyes, Kindles won’t harm your eyes. Amazon Kindle has a glare-free screen.


  • Most of the people might not know that Kindle has an inbuilt dictionary from the New Oxford American Dictionary. The dictionary provides instant definition look-ups while you read. All the words looked up are automatically added to the Vocabulary Builder and stored on your device.


  • Not only a book but also you can read newspapers, magazines and web pages on Amazon Kindle. You can rotate the screen for better viewing of pictures, diagrams, maps, etc. There is no heat up the problem.

Is Kindle Worth Buying?

Of course, Kindle is worth buying and it is even a longtime investment. There are so many models available on Amazon Kindle such as paperwhite with 3g, oasis, voyage etc. You can buy one of them. Amazon Kindle is free from loss of books and dusting. You can read a book without any disturbance like a library. I am not forcing everyone to buy a Kindle. But if you are really a book lover, Amazon Kindle is a must-have device for you.

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