Impacts Of Bollywood Movies On Your Family

India is a country where cinema plays an important role. Bollywood cinema influences our society and it helps to bring awareness to the society. Cinema is one of the biggest sources of entertainment in India. However, cinemas are quite different from the real world, the actual story is being taken from our society. Bollywood movie has put impacts on the audience. There are several Bollywood movies which can make us laugh, make us think and inspire us. Cinema is a common language which can be understood by everyone from rich, poor, literate, illiterate, young or old.

Impacts Of Bollywood Movies

I am often hearing that Bollywood movies influence society negatively. Most of the people think that there is nothing to watch excluding romance dating, living the so-called western good life, sex etc. especially in new Bollywood cinemas. As a Bollywood movies fan, I will never think that way. If you notice deeply you can see how Bollywood movies influence and shape our society positively. Everything has both good and bad impacts. If we grab good things ignoring negatives, it can undoubtedly put a positive impact on us. So, today I am going to write about positive impacts of Bollywood movies on our family. Moreover, a family belongs to a society. When a family gets influenced positively by a Bollywood movie, it can change the entire society in a positive way.

Entertainment: As I mentioned above cinemas are one of the biggest sources of entertainment. If it is about Bollywood movies, you can get a variety of comedy, action, thriller and more in a movie. Moreover, watching a movie is a great way to forget all our worries and stress. Recreation is an important part of each one’s life, thus watching a movie provides this avenue.

Team Work: Bollywood movies teach us how to work in a team. A movie is a teamwork by director, producer, musician to an audience. A cinema never can be complete without them. That’s how a movie shows the power of a teamwork. It can be useful in our real life. That’s the way we can help each other of our family members which can increase love and affection between us. If we learn to help family’s member, surely we can come towards to help the society.


Learn Indian Culture & Tradition: Most of the Bollywood movie’s story is based on Indian culture, tradition, and art. Simply, it gives us an opportunity to know Indian culture. India is rich in culture and it is not possible to visit each corner of the country and learn about them more. Moreover, you can teach your children or family member about Indian culture and tradition seeing those Bollywood movies.

Spread Awareness: As I mentioned above Bollywood teaches us about Indian culture and art. Likewise, we get to know about some important topics such as corruption, a gap between India and Pakistan and Hindus and Muslims etc. Moreover, we get to know how India fought for the independence of India with British though some movies like Rang De Basanti. There are several movies which are an inspiration for our children. Moreover, Bollywood movies bring awareness on some social issues like poverty, women empowerment, equality, etc. and teach us how to deal with them.

Educational Movies: I have watched so many Bollywood cinemas like 3 Idiots, Mary Kom, Dangal etc. which are made on some people, places, and events which were we never aware of. Literally, you can say that Bollywood movies are a source of information.

So, if you think about Bollywood cinemas in a positive way you never can say Bollywood movies are a bad influencer for family or society. Everything depends on us how and what movie we do select to watch.

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