Bindi – A Forehead Jewellery For Women, Bindi Design & Its Significance

Bindi, a colored ‘DOT’ on the forehead is a sign of Indian culture, it can enhance the beauty of a woman. No matter, whether it’s for fashion or cultural perspective but the bindi is a forehead jewelry for a woman. Being a woman I love wearing the bindi and it is a part of my fashion. Although most of the women wear Bindi as a jewellery, it has special significance and cultural appropriation in India. Even though wearing Bindi is considered as Indian tradition, many Hollywood celebrities have been spotted wearing this fashion accessory during fashion event.

Wearing Bindi is not only women tradition, but men also wear different Bindi which is called ‘Tilak’ in different occasion. Today I am going to share Bindi significance as well as fashion for Bindi a jewllery for the forehead and its design.

Bindi Significance

The word Bindi is rooted in Sanskrit word ‘Bindu’ and is associated with a person’s mystical third eye. Bindi signifies historical, social and religious relevance in India. Since ancient times, Bindi was worn by both men and women to worship one’s intellect. Wearing red dot or Bindi is a sign of marriage for a woman. A married woman applies a red dot between two eyebrows which represents her true love, honor, and prosperity. In the Southern parts of India, young girls wear a black bindi to ward off evil. Moreover, Bindi (Tilak) has a different significance such as Brahmin wears tilak of sandalwood which marks purity, a red tilak for Kshatriya to signify valor, yellow tilak for prosperity etc. Even more, it believes that bindi can hold on to strength and energy of the wearer. Bindi has different names across different languages such as Bengalis calls it Tip, Phot in Assamese, Chandlo in Gujarati, Tilo in Konkani, Tilak in Hindi, kunkuma in Kannada, Kunkoo in Marathi, Bindi in Punjabi, Pottu in Tamil and Malayalam, Bottu in Telugu and much more.

Bindi For Fashion

You might be thinking how can a dot become an integral part of fashion for a woman? Yes, it can be. Although earlier wearing bindi was mandatory for a woman in Indian culture, Bindi is able to catch all attention in fashion trend in today’s era. Nowadays, no one can say you ‘outdated’ or ‘oldfashioned’ while wearing a Bindi and in one word it can be said ‘cool’ in style. And Bollywood celebrities there be Aishwarya Rai, Vidya Balan, Rekha or more has a great contribution in taking Bindi in fashion zone.  Not only Indians but many international celebrities also were found wearing bindi during fashion events nowadays. Needless to say, the bindi adds so much of spunk to the look. Bindi is a final touch of completion and it beautifies the look with any dress whether Whether Saree, Salwar Kamij, Kurti, Lehenga or fusion of Indian and western.

Bindi Design

When it comes to bindi design or shape, that ‘dot’ only pops up in our mind. But there are so many varieties shapes and bindi designs available which are suitable for every face. No matter what type of face you have, you can get a wide range of bindi designs for round face, heart-shaped face, oval-shaped faces, square-shaped face etc. There is a wide range of bindi design in various color which including traditional red bindi to white metallic, snake-shaped, crystal blues, floral bindi design, arrow bindi design, fancy bindis, bridal bindi and more. You never can imagine that you can get designer bindi for various occasion. Since bindi is a small accessory, it caught global popularity easily.

If it is about bindi shop, you can buy bindi offline as well as online stores. Bindi online is easily available on any e-commerce site like Snapdeal, Mirraw, Flipkart etc where you can get bindi in a various price range.


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