All You Need To Know About Assamese Traditional Jewellery (Assamese Gahana)

Women and Jewellery both are inseparable from each other. Both of them have been in a relationship since ancient time. And when it comes to Indian ethnic jewelry, you get thousands of ethnic design which are made of unique design and different types of metal. Among countless Indian traditional jewelry, Assamese traditional jewelry is one of them which is locally known as ‘Axomiya Gahana‘. Assamese ethnic jewelry becomes more popular day by day and it is able to reach worldwide love and attraction due to its exclusive design and affordable price.

Beautifully designed Assamese jewellery are mostly handmade and design inspired by flora and fauna treasures of the region birds, animals, musical instruments like dhol, drum, Pepa and a few of daily handmade household things. Any woman can wear them on any occasion from cultural and religious events to daily wear. Assamese jewellery contains dull and rough looks which are made of silver and they are covered with very thin gold foil or leaf Gold (Paat-Xun) and decorated with vibrant red gemstone, ruby or mina.

You can find all types of jewellery from necklace set to Chain, Ring to Bangles and more in different designs with different names. Some of them have been mentioned below

Assamese Gahana Necklace Set

There are different types of necklace sets available in Assamese ethnic jewellery which are suitable for every occasion. They have a different name such as Joonbiri (Half Moon/crescent-shaped pendant ), Lokaparo (two pigeons placed back to back), Dholbiri (a special Assamese drum, musical instrument), Doogdoogi (A heart-shaped neck locket) etc. Moreover, there are some pendants that can be worn with a simple chain and they are made of designed with different shape like Dhariabiri, Shilikha, Parachakuwa, Lata BakhoruaMagarmuabiri,Madoli, GeneralBenaDhopamoniChandrahar etc.

Ring From Assamese Jewellery

When it comes to Ring, we probably do not think about its variety. But you can find different types of a ring with a different design in Assamese Gahana. Even more, they have different name for different design such as Bakhorua ring, Shenepata, Padumkalia ( shape like flower bud of Lotus, Baboribacha (like Barori leaf of Babori flower), Parchakua, Jethinejia ( like appendage of Lizard, Mouranejia (like the peacock tail), Hirapota is one type of diamond ring etc.


Unlike Necklace and Ring, Bangles also contain different design and different names such as Gamkharu which has two design Simple Gamkharu that is flat and does not have any decoration decorated Gamkharu, Magarmuria KharuBala, & Gota kharu etc.


You might be wondering how much wide range of earrings Assamese traditional jewellery has. ‘Thuriya’ is a pair of earring which made of gold and with a special type of gem-studded in it and that usually used to be worn by our grandma. Lokaparo, Jangphai Thuria, Keru, Lotkan etc. are different types of Assamese ethnic earrings.

Where Can You Get Assamese Jewellery

Assamese jewellery is available in mainly Barpeta, Nagaon and Jorhat of Assam. Although they look alike the art of making jewellery in Barpeta town is different. Barpet jewellery is made out of silver coated with ‘kesa xoon’ that is lighter than other places of upper and middle Assam. On the other hand, in Jorhat and Nagaon, the craftsmen use a foil of 24-carat gold in pieces of jewellery made of gold and silver.

There are so many  jewellery shops available in every part of Assam. Nowadays they are also available online where you can buy Assamese traditional jewellery from anywhere else. Some online stores are Assam Villa, Assam Silk Shopping, India Mart etc. where you can purchase them at an affordable price.


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