5 Fashion Items You Can Steal From Your Man’s Wardrobe

‘I have nothing to wear’ this is a common dialogue of all girls. Being a woman I must say that I am never satisfied with my wardrobe’s collection. I am always looking to expand my wardrobe with varieties fashion items. Nowadays I started stealing some fashion essential things from my man’s wardrobe. Sounds crazy right? Well, there are so many fashionable things you can find in your man’s wardrobe. Even more, you can use those things as your fashion items.

I have collected some fashion items which you can steal from your husband, boyfriend, and even from your brothers.

Fashion Items From Your Man’s Wardrobe

  • Loose T-Shirts: Loose t-shirts or oversized t-shirts again entered in fashion zone. Oversized t-shirts still draw an attention from all fashion lover. Do not think much about this type of t-shirts, they are always available in your man’s wardrobe. Pick one from his wardrobe and wear it with full confidence. There are so many ways of wearing loose fitting t-shirts. You can wear oversized t-shirts with a pair of leggings, high-waist skirt or tuck in the tee into your shorts or jeans.

  • Watches: Yeah, you can borrow your man’s watch, it can give you a trendy and elegant look. Oversized dial watches are top in the fashion accessories. Whether they are a Gold watch, Analog watch, Digital watch or Smartwatch, you can steal them.
  • Jumper or Sweatshirt: Another thing you can borrow from your man is that Jumper or Sweatshirt. Even more, it looks good with every girly item such as lace skirts, collared shirts, etc. If you do not try yet, now you can give a try.
  • Shirts: Oh, sounds funny right? Take out a shirt from his wardrobe and wear it with some boots and shorts or distress jeans and sneakers. If you are still confused, then wear it and show your man. Undoubtedly he will find you more sexy with his shirt even before.

  • Belt: You must be wondering how can a man’s belt give you a cool look. Yes, it can. Get your man’s brown belt and wear it with over dresses or long shirts, ripped jeans etc. Surely, you can get a cool compliment with the big belt.

I have just given an idea what can steal from your man’s wardrobe. If you are really crazy about fashion, you can definitely find out more items in your man’s wardrobe. Moreover, you do believe it or not, it can make your relationship more strong.

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