12 Amazing Photos Of Assam Tourism Calendar 2018

There are 12 photos in Awesome Assam calendar apart from Priyanka’s controversial photo. All photos signify the identity of Assam. Let’s have look at the amazing photos of Assam tourism calendar 2018. Surely, these 12 photos can grab attraction of many tourists.

Moreover, the brand ambassador of Assam tourism Priyanka Chopra announced to produced her first Assamese movie ‘Bhoga Khirikee’ directed by Jahnu Barua.

January: Pani Mur

The month of January is designed with a photo of ‘Pani Mur’ which is situated in Dima Hasau district of Assam. The waterfall of Pani Mur is a famous tourist spot which attracts a number of nature lovers and photographers into this place. The best time to visit the Panimoor fall is during the autumn and early winter and spring. To know more other places in Dima Hasau visit here.

February: Natural Beauty of Haflong

If you are really a nature lover, visit Haflong once in a life. Haflong is blessed with the full of natural beauties like mist filled hills, water streams, rivers, waterfalls, and greenery. It is also known as  “Switzerland of East”. February’s calendar contains the natural beauty of Haflong.

March: Tea Estate of Assam

The calendar of March is beautifully represented with the tea gardens of Assam. Assam is famous for its tea gardens as well as the natural beauty of the tea plantation area. Tea gardens are one of the major tourist attractions that bring Assam into the limelight.

April: Rang Ghar of Sivasagar

Sivasagar is rich in heritage which signifies Assam’s identity and the Rang Ghar is a part of the heritage. Rang Ghar was a sports pavilion where Ahom kings and nobles witnessed games like buffalo fights and other sports. So, the calendar of April is decorated with a picture of Rang Ghar of Sivasagar.

May:  Namphake Buddhist Monastery

The Namphake Buddhist monastery is a famous tourist place of Assam. It is situated in Naharkatiya of Dibrugarh district, Assam. Designing the calendar with a photo of the monastery is a great step towards promoting Assam internationally. To know more about the beautiful Buddhist monastery visit http://www.assaminfo.com

June: Kamakhya Mandir (Temple)

I think there is no need to give an extra introduction about Kamakhya Mandir, Guwahati. No one enters the other places without visiting Kamakhya Temple.

July: Serene Beauty of Brahmaputra River

If you do not witness the beautiful view of Brahmaputra river yet, come and enjoy. Guwahati is surrounded by the mighty Brahmaputra river. It adds an extra charm to the city’s even otherwise beautiful landscape. The month of July of Awesome Assam calendar is beautifully printed with the serene beauty of Brahmaputra river.

August: Majuli

Majuli is the biggest river island in the world which is situated on the river Brahmaputra in Assam. Majuli is one of the tourist destinations of Assam. Tourist can explore so many religious and cultural activities in Majuli. For more info about Majuli click here.

September: Sattriya Nritya

Sattriya Nritya is a beautiful classical dance of India which was founded in Assam by Srimanta Sankardeva in the 15th century. It is one of the eight principal classical Indian dance traditions of Assam in India.

October: Elephant Safari in Kaziranga

The calendar of October is designed with elephant safari in Kaziranga.

November: Mask Art of Majuli

Mask art is one of the most popular and traditional arts of Assam. Literally, Majuli owns the culture of making masks in the satras. Making the mask of Majuli is quite popular among foreign countries.

December: Golf Resort of Assam

Golf resort of Assam is included in the month of December’s calendar.


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